Thursday, September 12, 2013

Medical Bills, Mortgage and ARGGGGGGG

So we postponed the Mortgage Challenge to pay for the medical bills that started to pour in. In doing so we had enough to pay off the hospital bill when it came in. And we will have the first payment for the arm doctor.
BUT then I have this nagging feeling. And after some thought, I need to get back to paying down the mortgage. Well the arm doctor will take monthly payments. So I think after I put down the first down payment, I will go to monthly payments. We can't go full force back into Mortgage, if anything maybe just 50 a week, as I will have to save 25 a week for medical. In doing this it might take up to 10 months to pay off the arm doctor. But another thought is to use the tax return to pay them off and full force back into mortgage.
BUT Christmas is coming. OY. BUT I'm a frugal master. Because I started shopping weeks ago. Yep. Because now is the time to get DS games. My boys don't care if they are brand new in box. I've been paying about 4 dollars including shipping. I watch books and when they drop I buy. I'm watching a few Lego's now, but might have to buy those local and coupon those out.
It will be a light Christmas. The boys understand that. I've been teaching my kids it's not about stuff. They are grateful Cole has an arm and it's healing. They also want to see the house paid off and we had a very enlightening talk at dinner the other day and what we could cut and send that money to pay off the Mortgage.
Mortgage is sitting at 123,500.

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