Friday, March 9, 2012


Seriously Life changes just SUCK, you know the BIG changes, the ones you and your hubby have to debate and debate and debate. And honestly you don't know the outcome until it has been debated to death.

Well we hit one of those decisions this week. I saw it coming but I didn't see it coming this fast or this hard. See our kids go to a small private school. One I adore. But by the time you pay for them to go to school and the gas to drive from there and back daily, sometimes twice a day, things add up and we are spending nearly 10k a year. 10k we really don't have. But yet I adore the school, I love the teachers, I like how the classes are small. I like all I do for the school. Seriously I get to make costumes, and help run the library.

But in the end 10k is a LOT of money and it uses up our tax return every year plus some and that is money we really could use for other things in life. On that note I have always wanted to home school. But with Ethan and I fighting, he wanted to learn how to read, and I apparently couldn't teach him. Plus pressure from the in laws, who are public school teachers and believe public school is the only way to go. We put the kids in school, just on my terms. They accepted it because after all at least I'm not homeschooling. They are those believers, who believe home school kids are not socialized. SERIOUSLY. If I hear that one more time, then watch out because I'm smacking someone! Home school kids are socialized Good Gravy. There are plenty of home school groups in the area, there is boy scouts, which I might have time for now, plus 4H.

With Ethan's food allergies, and his sensory issues it's time to bring him home. He came to me last week and said "Mom, next year I want to be home schooled" we had a serious long talk to be sure he know what he was saying. I said we would talk to dad. Dad agreed. But Dad was stuck on the other two, and honestly so I'm I. Cole fought so hard to get into that school, and I know how much he adores it. But in the end to save that much money and to do some serious damage to our bills and such would be awesome!

So we have finally agreed to try it for one year. Hubby's biggest worry is we won't stay on track. Hum lets see you follow the schedule and once you are done you are done. Well except I will have bonus subjects for the boys. Like typing, cooking and such.

So I have been planning out next school year, and buying a few things now, because they are much cheaper now, then in July when others are planning for their new school year. I will also be signing up for a course about home schooling, I took it as a sign the day it landed in my in box and they are finally having a class in Olympia. All the classes are usually north. Not to mention I can get some sleep now. How I hate getting up so very early in the morning, having to open my eyes, and be on the road by a set time. I will now be getting up at 9am, making the kids a Hot breakfast and starting school. Hoping to finish up the main subjects by lunch. After lunch will be the fun stuff.

On top of this major decision, there is still so much on my plate. It's amazing it's not cracking yet. Father in Law has been living in a rehab place, and it's hard to say when he might be coming home, it has been one set back after another after another. In the midst of maybe adopting have a placement coming they had to move quick, but apparently quick to dshs is a couple of months? IDK. We have been trying to set up a first meeting for two weeks. I tell them to pick a day and time and I will clear my calendar. See this is a life decision, but it was an easy one as I have always wanted 4 kids, just a bonus we get 5th.

I tell ya, when you are a teenager, your parents don't tell ya being an adult is HARD. Being a parent is even HARDER! There are times I'm so tired, it's not from lack of sleep but making so many decisions and having so much tossed at you and you forgetting to duck!

We are in pay down mode for the van. I'm trying to send it everything I have weekly. We are hurting, especially with gas prices right now. But I hope the suffering is worth it? What I can't wait is until we are saving to expand out the house. We are all so excited about this major project. And saving the 10k a year will certainly be going towards this project. Van is sitting at 3,877. Really hoping to be under 3,500 by the end of the month.

Another major expense right now is the expanding of the garden area out back. We have bought 7 new trees. Which are now planted. 10 new blue berry bushes, with 2 pink lemonade's. So now I have a blueberry patch. We've been buying the brick which I will fill the holes with dirt and then grow my herbs here. I need to buy dirt next, we are hoping to get our first 10 yards next week. With another 10-15 to follow. We planted seeds this week and they are going in the green house. Ground seeds to follow soon. Neighbor has a total of 8 new trees, which we will plant for her the second we have a minute around here. See another thing we are NEVER home so everything gets put aside until we have time, well we never have the time. So now hubby will have the time in the mornings to do some projects well I'm home schooling.

So I will try and get through the next couple of months. Somehow? Working on the garden as much as possible. I have costumes to make for an upcoming play. Transition from having 3 kids to having 5. Transition from school to home schooling. The garden. Trying hard to hang on money wise.

So here is the new blue berry patch. Isn't it something??? OK well it will be one day.

One of the new trees, I can not tell you how excited I have been to get 7 new trees. 3 apple, 3 peach and 1 pear, to add to the 2 pear and 2 cherry we have. We have an apple tree out front, and after much debate we will add yet another apple tree soon.

Two of my new beds, the one on the right is well over 30 feet. We still need to tear up the grass and fill with dirt. But two new beds are good, hoping to add at least one more for growing season this year. On the other side I have room for 3-4 more beds, but not sure money wise if we will get to them this year? Might be a project for next year, plus there is an area around the cherry trees that I need to redesign this year so there will be no growing in those beds.


Anonymous said...

Marcie, Feel free to email me privately if you have questions about homeschooling. I've been at it for 10 yrs. Maybe we can exchange homeschooling advice for gardening advice. LOL!:)

gfcf yahoo group

AdoptionMom said...

I'm am so excited for you!!!
Give the book The Socialization Trap by Rick Boyer to your inlaws.
It's a quick read also The Homeschooling Father by Mike Farris is a good quick read.
Please feel free to email me on days you feel like giving up. Because they will come and they will hit you hard, but homeschooling is so worth it. You will teach your kids so many life skills that interweave with the school subjects. It's amazing.
Even though we only have 1 child, after people are around him they ask "How did you get a junior high kid to interact with adults?" I tell them "We home educate." They are shocked, they assume that homeschoolers are unsocialized. But in thinking about it, when your child is in say, 3rd grade, what on earth is another 3rd grader going to teach him? Lets see they know how to make rude noises, be mean to other kids, play pranks etc. They don't need to spend time with kids of the same age. As adults we don't hire in to the factory for 24 yr olds, we hire in and work with a wide range of ages, so why not learn that early on.
Good luck!
Take care,