Friday, March 23, 2012


Tell ya since I have boxed up any and all drama. Life has been so much better. Still getting hit with a lot of stuff. But there ain't no Drama in my life. Been working in the garden, expanding one 30 foot bed of Strawberry's into 3-30 foot beds. Setting up my beds out back getting ready for dirt. All of the fruit trees are planted. Ours and our neighbors. Raspberries are planted. If we get some donated great, if not we are still looking good.

My father in law is not well at all. The kids want to see him so we are heading up Sunday. The picture below was taken today, it's sitting at Costco for me to pick up and frame and take it up Sunday as well. Because it may be awhile before they see him again.

Truck fund is taken care of. And we have a few pennies in savings. It will never be enough, but I can sleep at night. Now working on the van where we can, and out back expanded garden area.

Our anniversary is coming up. I was able to get hubby a portable DVD player, he has one, but it dies on him, it won't play some DVDs. He uses it weekly. One came up on Amazon hot deals and I got it. What I like about it, is we will be able to use it in the van on our trip this summer. I am not one for running a DVD in a car. BUT when you are taking a trip that may last about 10 hours....

So when or if hubby remembers it's our anniversary, I will be asking for a fort...I want the backyard all snazzy for the kids. So they can go out and play, rather it be fall, winter, spring or summer. A fort is the first step. I'm simple right?

So I've been doing OK with my one a day photo challenge. I've only missed two days...OOPS...But my youngest is loving this. I've been printing them about every three days, I have dates on the back of the photos, and will start the book soon. I'm really excited about doing this project.

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