Monday, March 12, 2012


DRAMA: My life is so full of drama right now. And honestly it just sucks the life out of me. I do not understand drama. I have come to realize people are forgetting about the important things in life. These little critters we call kids. The critters we carry for a long nine (nearly ten) months and birth from our bodies. It's our job to raise them, and teach them. Teach them how to how to behave, how to grow, life. Show them LOVE. How to be HAPPY and to just enjoy life.

Today was a weird day. We are in the midst of a storm, lights were going off and on and we decided to stay home from school. The kids went wild. My odd kids cleaned the playroom (so they can walk around in the dark????) then they did Spanish for a few hours. Odd. Then Ethan got out his sewing machine and sewed all afternoon. He sewed himself a pillow, and a blanket. Whatever, but he is loving his new sewing machine, I love how easy it is for him to use. He can do the bobbin and thread it all himself. He didn't ask me for help once. Although nothing is straight. But do I care? NOPE.

Tomorrow is 3-13-2012 mommy gut is going off and it's telling me my life will be changing tomorrow. Something big is going to hit. What? I don't know, but I feel like it's one of those things that come out of nowhere and just smacks you one. I have so much on my plate, from school, to in laws, to goats, to kids, it could be anything. Or it could be nothing.

In thinking tonight and realizing that how utterly sick I am of drama. I am a BIG believer of what goes around comes around. And if you go looking for Drama or trouble you will find it (I'M NOT LOOKING LEAVE ME ALONE!). I also believe if you give, you will get back. So yesterday when Chip was stuck, I didn't think twice about asking the neighbor for help. She came racing and between the two of us we unstuck this 200 pound goat. There is give and take, I would in a second stop what I'm doing and go and help her. In fact just about a month ago I did. I saw her dog out running loose, my kids jumped out of the van (I did stop first) and chased the dog all the way home and got her into the house.

I know I'm off and rambling. I ramble I have a lot on my mind tonight. I also don't want to go and do the laundry!

But tonight I challenge myself. Kids grow too fast. You don't get this time back. Once today is gone it's gone and they are another year older. My babies are 8, 7 and 5. I have NO idea how that happened. How does 8 years just go by that fast? It's like I blink and he was 8 years old. I know Ethan and I have been through hell and back health wise, and as we still continue on that road as we have set backs with diet and such. But I will tell ya if chaos hits, like it hit yesterday, I can yell commands and he doesn't ask questions he just does it. My babies are hard workers, which I'm very proud of.

When I was young my parents would donate me, I remember one summer, a couple cousins and I and other family members were camping on a family members campsite. It was a bad winter, and many trees came down and we were going to clear the trees and burn. So we had about 4 good burn piles going. Two cousins were running the chain saws, and i was getting branches and tossing them onto the fire. What were the adults doing? Sitting and watching and drinking. See my parents like to donate me to do the hard work. Which don't tell them, I like working hard!

Yes, still rambling.

So here is the challenge to myself. My babies are growing so very fast. So Starting on 3-13-2012 I will take a photo of each of my kids every day for one year. I will capture them, I will watch them and see them grow and I will have the photos to prove they are growing. Even through I take a lot of photos, I don't take enough photos. So on 3-13-2012 that will change.

I'm putting Drama into a box, and I'm putting a lid on it. No more Drama. I'm going to focus on the joy of my kids. This time right now is all about them. If anyone has Drama in my space, then take a number and I will get back to you...Sometime in the year 2022. Until then...Smile and make people wonder what you are up to! Or do what Cole does, make brownies and then lick the bowl clean.

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BL Olson said...

Best of luck keeping drama in the box Marcie. It seemed like drama was winding down here, and poof! back it comes with a full on slap in the face. I wish peace for you and yours in the most enduring sense. Also best of luck with the photos - we never had money for pictures when the children were little and didn't get a digital until they were mid teens so we missed all that. Have to save it for the grands, I guess.