Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Life---Natural Green Food Coloring--COTM CANCELLED

Yes, so it's true I have made it through the month of February without doing cupcake of the month. And honestly I don't think I have failed, as life just got in the way this month. And since it's snowing outside and my cable went out I thought I would blog tonight, but then I realized I have not updated things in awhile.

So life is just sucking right now! How I would love to go to sleep and wake up to 1-1-2013 and start the year all a-new again. But I can't, I have to wake up every morning and deal with what is on my plate.

On my plate is; my father in law not doing well at all. My mother is freaking out because she is in early renal failure and thinks she is dying. Planning a rummage sale for the school. Working on our garden. Hubby not doing so well health wise and will be going in for an iron transfusion soon. I have a son that has had so many food issues lately that it just seems like I can not get a grip on things with him.

Speaking of food issues. Now I have done my research on crappy foods. I have looked into food colors, I have researched until I was so very sick and just could not read anymore. It's just sickening. I often wonder how can a parent give a child this crap, because it's not food, and then expect this child to behave? They can't. Bodies can not absorb crap, they reject it and that is where you see the acting out. Seriously google FD&C red 40. Google the coloring they use in go-gurt it's not pretty. Why can't we follow Europe's lead and ban these food colors?

A parent can do this because they don't do the research. They "trust" companies that put out food they buy to pack their children's lunches with. HA! And then because this parent gives their child crappy foods the body can not accept and the body (child) acts out, people start to wonder what is wrong with this child? The parent gets tired of hearing bad school reports, can't get the child to behave at home, takes them to the doc to drug the child, because it's the child, it can't be the food I feed the child? Then a child is put onto a roller coaster of uppers and downers. And did the parent read the fine print to these drugs? It should be law that a parent MUST read the fine print. Did they read all the side effects? Including could cause death? So parents would rather chance death then remove all the crappy foods from the child's diet? I'm very confused over this?

Now back when every doctor wanted to drug my child with adhd drugs I kept saying no. One night was so very bad I was about to give in and call the doc in the morning. But that night I researched adhd drugs. I was sickened by what I read. I was in tears on how bad things have become in the drug world. After all these years and all of research I don't think there is something called adhd, I do think there is an underlying cause. You just have to dig, and often parents and especially doctors are too lazy to look for the underlying cause, because removing crappy foods from a child's diet doesn't pay the bills, giving the child drugs, drugs and more drugs pay the bills.

So I have been on a quest to find good natural food coloring. So in place of cupcake of the month, I give you a natural green food coloring. Now I'm not over joyed thrilled with this green no. BUT it's a green and it's natural and kids won't be bouncing off the walls when they eat my cupcakes. Plus my green comes with health benefits!

So here is my baby, I made these for Valentines day. I think they looked pretty cool?

So Friday is Dr. Seuss's birthday we celebrated early at school. The blue and red food colors came from natural candy store dot com. The recipe is from Cybele Pascal here, I will tell ya if the house was burning and the kids were safe I would grab this book before leaving the house. Every recipe has been amazing. This is her white cake.

Followed by Cybele's vanilla icing. I used the blue and red here, looks more like purple and peach?

And here we have it. Natural Green Food Coloring....Green Tea Powder. I went to our local tea store after researching last night and got me a container. I wanted to practice because we have St. Patty's day coming up. Plus we have a birthday tomorrow so this works. With every child's birthday in my son's class I always make a batch of cupcakes so my kids have something safe to eat. Plus many kids in the class really enjoy my chocolate gluten free cupcakes. (even better then gluten ones) So I'm more then happy to make them.

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