Sunday, June 19, 2011

There's A New Buddy In Town

So do you remember a year an a half ago, as there was a MAJOR baby boom on our farm? All due to one goat, a goat named Buddy. It seems he was everyone's Buddy. Well when babies started dropping, the first call I made was to the vet, and she raced right out, and fixed Buddy.

So Sierra had Jelly and Beans, and adopted Bella's son Trooper, All in one day. Beans died a few short months after being born, he was so sickly it was amazing he made it that long. But I had the opportunity to get Jasper who was born the same day Jelly, Beans and Trooper were born. And because the lady was just going to put him down, I took him in, thinking Sierra would take good care of him. Which she has.

So I'm out in the goat field the other day, and I noticed Jelly. Jelly is getting very round and has an udder? Well that can't be, as every boy in the goat field is fixed right? Well I went looking (Yes seriously). Buddy is good, Chip and Dale are good, Leo and Max nothing, although Max looks like he could pop at any moment. That left Jasper.

I take a look and very surprised at what I found. It seems Jasper is NOT fixed after all. So just to be sure, I caught Jasper yesterday and turned him upside down, and looked, and looked. Just totally dumbfounded. But nope Jasper is NOT fixed.

So lucky us, we are on baby watch.


I have some very fat girls out there. So wish me luck. I'm excited and ready to rock n'roll. We have a mom pen all set if need be. I have towels and bottles and can't wait to see all those babies. But with the first baby that drops, Jasper will be loaded up and taken to the vets to be fixed. And then he will need to go out and get a job to support all these babies, we will have babies to feed and diapers to change! Ur, I mean hay to buy!

I'm may be re-naming him Trouble. Stay Tuned.

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AdoptionMom said...

Love this!! Hehehehe!
We are having trouble in our chicken house, Rooster #1 started crowing the end of May, now Rooster #2 is crowing and everyone is in an uproar. Snippy, grouchy, on guard. I keep waiting for the first eggs, but I sill keep finding poop! They are very entertaining though. Everytime I read about your goats, I think of that kids song Bill Grogans Goat? He eats shirts off the clothes line or something like that. lol.