Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sadly The Tree Came Down

So I adore this tree, it keeps the house cool in the summer, and keeps my head wet in the winter. But sadly we know the day we moved it to the house, at some point this tree had to go. So a few things moved us to make this decision now. First we want to expand the house, and this was step one. Two we need to move the play area back and in doing that I want to build a fort the kids can sleep in, during the summer. We can't do anything with this tree in the way. Next, we have a tree in the goat area, it was near dead. It had to come down for safety reasons. So kill both stones at once.

So apparently it is much cheaper to have someone come in and cut them down, and no clean up. So on Wednesday, hubby went to call to make an appointment for Thursday. But they came Wednesday instead. So after I was doing what I had to do, I had to race home and help play clean up. The tree in the goat area, had to be cleaned up ASAP. As the goats were eating the limbs. Too many limbs and the goats will bloat up, and we risk loosing them.

So we worked our tails off and got the back field tree cleaned up. Hubby didn't take photos of the back field tree. But he did take photos of the tree that is right behind our house.

This is the tree up.

Another view.


After, from another view.

As of today, we now have EVERYTHING cleaned up. I'm so beyond sore, and tired and hurting. BUT it's DONE! I will try and update with those photos soon. 

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