Tuesday, June 14, 2011


So during the summer we do what we call summer school/home school. Last Thursday, my youngest (4 years old) proclaimed he is now a kindergartner and he will now be going to school with his brothers and that was it.

So hubby today, gave Cole some pre-k work to do, and he told daddy, NO. I want kindergarten work. He said but you need to know your shapes, Cole said this was a square, a circle, and so on. Daddy said well OK then. Kindergartners do letters. So Cole sat down and did his letters. And boy it ticked him off when he messed up one. But he did really good. This kept him busy for hours, as he had to get it perfect.

Cole then got his hands on a sketch pad and that was all he needed for the rest of the day. My have a budding artist as well. Cole has all ready informed us tomorrow he wants math!

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