Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Backyard Updates

I really wish I had taken before shots, because you would not believe the changes.

This week we have moved the play structure back, many feet, that very heavy thing. We moved it one inch at a time. We then put the fence back up so the dogs can't get into the play structure. Then Ethan and I moved the wood chips from the old play area, to the new play area. Two very hard days of work there. But we did it.

This is where the old play structure use to be, before being moved back about ten feet. We will now be tilling this area and planting grass.

Well the dogs are thrilled over this new addition. It's a dog run. We totally cleared out the side of the house, and put up a fence, with a latch and now we can lock up the dogs when we have company over. YEAH!

These are the thrilled dogs. In our soon to be very grassy area.

We cleaned out the sandbox. YEAH! This one thrilled the kids.

HEY, Mom is here!



Rachel said...

Busy week! So where are your garden beds relative to all this? And the goats? And I am recalling talk of moving a year or two ago. Did you all end up moving? Is this the bigger house?

Marcie said...

nope never moved, it seems we are here to stay.

So it's out the back door, into the back yard, you go through that to a gate to the goat pen. We have back yard garden beds, we have fenced off areas on either side of the goat pen. Cherry trees on one side, and pear trees on the other. And raised beds all around. We will be expanding back there, this year.

Clear as mud? Hoping to take more photos soon. I want to take before shots of our work on the new beds.

I also have many front yard raised beds.