Sunday, June 12, 2011

Don't Laugh!

So here's the deal, my hubby makes compost. He puts nearly anything into compost bin. And he fills our garden beds and buckets with this compost that he makes. So he is filling a few of the beds with this compost, and a few weeks have gone by and I go out, and pick a bed, and weed it. Well I went out yesterday and dumbfounded, that mixed in with all my zucchinis, I have these little tiny tomatoes. Well how did that happen?

I also noticed in the green house, one or two tomato's mixed in with this flat or that flat and thought it was odd, but OK. I had let it go thinking it was an odd season?

And then hubby realized what happened. When he pulled the tomatoes from last year, he put them in the compost. OOPS. Your joking me right? NOPE. Where when I pulled the tomatoes, I feed them to the goats. So I have tomatoes everywhere at this point. We figure if we get anything we will try and can enough tomato products to last two years and skip tomatoes next year. We are also watching the goats, just in case they start pooping out tomatoes as well.

One of the many babies running around.

We also have a new rule. NO TOMATO'S IN THE COMPOST PILE!

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Rachel said...

I have had good yields from my volunteer tomatoes. But interestingly, they're almost always cherry tomatoes that volunteer for me. I will be interested to see what they yield for you.