Sunday, September 5, 2010

Updated Goat Feeding Area Photos

We've been trying to find time here and there to race out and nail up this board or that board. We seriously lack time and now with school starting Good Luck. But we have rain a-coming and we really need to get this done. So I went down on Saturday and got 4-12foot boards. I had to haul them home in my van with three kids. So Hubby could go out today and put them up. We are now ready to put up the roof. We will stop there and debate the sides. Then work on getting sides up. After that will be the stairs but I don't see that getting done until Spring.

We also need to build two new feeding bins. Put in an area for grain, minerals and maybe water. We are not sure if we are moving water or not right now. But it might be nice to have it under cover come winter?

First Ms. Emma showing off her new red collar. I can now see her in the field. She is getting so big.

View One.
View Two.

View Three.

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