Friday, September 17, 2010

It's A Boy!

We've adopted, (yes again) (NO ONE TELL HUBBY). It's a boy, same age as Jelly, Trooper and Emma. Now he needs a name?

He found the hay feeder. Jelly there checking him out.

The girls checking him out.

Um oops will replace photo.

He is telling everyone I"m here live with it!

So the challenge is to name him now???? Ideas?

OK need to adjust this post. Oh My. In the very first photo I wanted to show you the walls are up in the new covered feeding area. We had a break in the weather and I found plywood in the back field we forgot about. So IIIIIII put up the sides. Yes, as in me! I have a cool minerial feeder planned for tomorrow. Check back in later.

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Bat Chesed said...

He looks like a Jasper to me. The male name Jasper means "treasure holder". And the semiprescious gem stone jasper is supposed to endow one with spectacular protective energies. It's also thought to give courage to speak out and to have personal independence. Your description of him sounds like he's pretty independant. PLUS most commonly Jasper is a reddish brown colour .....