Saturday, September 18, 2010

The 45 Dollar Mineral Feeder

So I saw a photo of a mineral feeder the other day I just HAD to do. If you had to take minerals out to a pack of goats you know what I'm talking about. I just get mobbed. By the end of the night the bucket has been kicked out to the field where I have to track down and fill again. It's not a fun job to say the least. So I have been looking for something more permanent and I found it.

We tracked down to Home Depot today to get all the parts. With my pack I found a 4 inch PVC that was right up my alley. We will see if one will do or if I will need to get another. I had to leave the bucket under the PVC mineral feeder for Ms. Emma who is tiny. But we locked in the bucket in hopes I'm not going out into the field looking for it.

First here is a photo I have been waiting to take. It's Chip who is our biggest goat, next to Emma are smallest goat. Just too cute. Look at the size difference. Chip and Dale are very gentle with Emma.

Out newest goat, His name is Jasper.

Dale says HI!

Here is the feeder. It's made out of PVC pipe. It's 4 inches wide and the pipe is two feet tall. 6 total pieces and we had to buy straps for it. In the end we paid home depot 45 dollars. But it looks so good and snazzy. It should last many, many years.

A bit of a closer view.

OH No they found the feeder! Meet the mob.

Feeding time. I had to share but if you look closely you will see our newest Jasper who just stuck his head in there and started eating. He know what to do. I like that in a goat. Hopefully next week we have two new goat feeders. Stay tuned. Hubby has the week off and a long to do list!

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