Monday, March 29, 2010

Welcome Babies

Well meet Millie and Delphine. Don't ask I don't name them. Russell was asked if we wouldn't mind taking in two goats. To my shock he said yes? How many times have I heard NO MORE GOATS. How many? And the goof says yes?

One is shy and one is very out going. Both where happy to see all the other goats in the pen. I have a feeling with Sierra and Bridget, age 1 and now Millie and Delphi, age 2. We are in trouble come summer?

These girls are cider mill goats. Love their goats but would never pay that type of money for goats. So it is a joy to have them. So yes for those who are counting we now have a total of 11 goats. Luckily the goat house is done and room for all. We have another house planned for this summer and then we will tear down the tiny houses.

Hey sis check out the horns on that goat?


Maryruth said...

I know you are dairy free so what do you use your goats for? I used to raise goats. We used them for milk. Yumm. Now, we are in nut milks. My son was wanting goats after we move back onto some land. I told him no since I wasn't using the milk and we do not eat meat. Do you use the meat? Or just use them as grazers? Pets? Or just fun?

Goats can be so fun. I sure do miss mine. I live in town now. Looking forward to getting back to some land and raising a garden again. I envy your garden. I have all the canning supplies just sitting in storage. Been there for about 5 years.

Marcie said...

They are just pets. Our back pen is a place for them to come and play and have fun. I take in goats when they have no place else to go, or need a home.

We don't use the milk, we don't use them as meat. Just pets.

Love my garden do wish it were bigger at times. Sad right? We are increasing things this year by at least 25%. Stay tuned as photos go up.

Maryruth said...

We are going to be moving further north due to a new job. The place we are getting has a barn with horse corral, bird sanctuary, dog run, etc. My son and I were talking about perhaps doing a petting type of thing for the tourists. We may get some goats and other animals that people like to handle. We love animals and miss them. Not to drink the milk, but to use as zoo pets. The new place has a perfect set up. We are so excited.