Thursday, March 25, 2010

Canning Chicken

That is something I am in the midst of doing today, is canning chicken. We have ran out it's time to can some more. Now I love how this blog explains it here this blog was the reason I ran into the kitchen last year and canned chicken.

I love canned chicken. It makes for quick meals. As a mom of three, I LOVE quick meals. One meal is taking the canned chicken, dumping into a pan, adding some sauce usually a salad dressing and cooking it up for a few minutes. Well that is cooking away I will cook up two quarts of my potatoes. Well the potatoes are in the mixer after being cooked I start the canned carrots. And boom there you go a quick 20 or so minute dinner. All from jars.

So I currently have ten pounds of chicken in the canner right now. I put the left over chicken all the stuff that is cut away? I put that into a crock pot, cover with spices and water and let that cook away all day long. Right before bed I will jar up the chicken broth and usually can that the next day or two. But hey free chicken broth you can't beat it. And I will say I have had people drive down to my house just to get jars of chicken broth. Apparently it is that good? So I have two crock pots cooking away right now.

Can't beat it. Although I hope chicken goes on sale next week? My freezer is empty and we need more chicken....

Check out the blog here.

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