Sunday, March 28, 2010


I can't tell ya how excited I am to have TWINS! So Saturday knowing everything at Goodwill would be 40% off and knowing two stores have jars. We first headed North to Olympia to clean them out of jars. But looking up and down the aisles I found it. The twin to my canner at home. I opened it up and it looks like it has hardly been used all the parts were there so it quickly went into my cart. Hubby asked How Much? 12.99$ Oh That is a steal. Because 12.99 minus 40% is 7.79. So yeah for 30 bucks I brought home two cart loads of jars and one canner.

We then headed South and hit that Goodwill where they thanked me for cleaning off the shelves of canning jars. Two more carts later we were heading home with a van full of jars and three kids and my new pressure canner.

I just keep thinking come summer I won't be the one out looking for canning jars now will I? I was smart enough to buy during the winter months. I'll be home canning and tending to the garden.

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Rachel said...

I am SO STINKING JEALOUS! I keep going to the local thrift shops and if I'm lucky I might find one jar. This week I saw a 4 qt pressure cooker that was pretty banged up and very similar to the 4 qt one I just inherited. But that size just isn't practical. I look on Craig's List and Ebay and Freecycle and... I dream...