Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Got Vitiligo?

My son does.
So long story short I noticed this on Cole and really did not notice or think anything of it. It was summer and he was out running naked or with a diaper. It was not until a friend had sent me a link that I realized that this is serious. So took Cole to the doctor and she said yes and sent us off to a Dermatologists. It took many months to get in of course. So today finally at the Dermatologist and he took one look at Cole and said this kid has Vitiligo he than left to get another Doctor he than came in and said Yep he has Vitiligo. They are now running lab work because Vitiligo, lupus, diabetes, and thyroid are all inter connected. So it is just a matter of time before everything kicks in.
So researching things, odds are when he had his seizure it kicked up Celiac disease and Vitiligo. I only noticed the Celiac because of all the poop coming out of him. The Vitiligo started in the diaper area and has spread to his face and legs, now arms. So far it has not touched the face. Vitiligo is an auto immune disease. So now we are researching that and debating on rather to treat or not. My son is only two we are talking about Steroids. so what if there are side effects, what if things get worse? What if the medicine brings out another auto immune issue? I kinda think we are going to let it be. This is my son and really I think he will be fine. As long as it does not hit the face. We worry about the face area.
So he is not to go out without sun screen as he could burn. And now we sit and wait for lab results. Going for the blood work my son was so good. He sat on my lap and sat there and watched what the nurses were doing, when they poked him he just jumped he never cried. Walking out he was telling everyone boo boo. And no one could touch his boo boo until late tonight.
The pictures are a bit hard to tell. It is actually worse in person.


gfcfcanadianstyle said...

Marcie - if there is anyone in the world that can figure this out & a treatment plan, it is you!

Mama Deb said...

You might want to look into Dr. Krigsman/Thoughtful House. There is also a Yahoo group for Thoughtful House. I mention these because Dr. K treats a lot of children on the autism spectrum who have gut issues and autoimmune deficiencies with various steroid treatments. So it might not be as 'bad' as you think, and could help in many ways to heal your child's gut. Good luck. Hope it doesn't spread all over his body. Poor kid!

Marcie said...

You know what is funny I am on the thoughtful house group because I am thinking of taking my oldest son there with his Celiac and his gut problems. Really never thought of my youngest. Thanks.

Awais said...

vitiligo is very serious skin condition. Because its treatment, take long time and other important thing selecting and finding which treatment options is better for a patient really difficult and more expensive one because of test and trial method.
There are some reason regarding occurrence of vitiligo like the family back ground, environmental condition, auto-immunity and internal causes and emotional stress etc.

For the Love Of My Bugs! said...

Man Marcie!!! What the heck! Poor boy!!! Thank God he's got you for a mommy because if there's anything that can be done about anything...you'll figure it out! You always do!

P.S. Thanks for all the research info on Leaky Gut, yeast, and parasites. I really appreciate it!

Marcie, you rock!!!! You'll never give up the good fight!

monkey boy said...

Hi, I was researching vitiligo in babies because my almost 2 year old son has had it since he was 9 months old. I saw your blog and I wanted to ask you how your son is doing and what you have been doing to help him. I would love to be able to share information with you whenever you get a chance...perhaps we could email?

Marcie said...

Monkey (son number 2 LOVES monkeys) email me at Marciedingerson@yahoo.com

Happy to talk about vitiligo.

Danielle Parker said...

Monkey boy please email me as my son is going through the same he ia bow 14 mths