Saturday, August 10, 2013

Things To Do With No Internet

Well we got back from vacation AND we had no internet. After a midnight call to the phone company, it was found that the box on the side of the house blow. We would have to wait a few days.
So things to do without the internet:
Clean out the area so the guy can get to the box. This was covered with blackberries.
Clean out the sand back and bought some new wood and fixed it all up.
Start the new club house.
Pick a 2.5 Pound Turnip
Catch this pain in the butt. As she had a bad cut under the eye and couldn't see out of the eye. So we caught her. Did her hooves, wormed her, and creamed her eye. As of today she is much better and can see again.
Watch the pumpkins Grow
Watch the garden grow!
After the guy left, we were told we need to update the modem. So again we were off line for awhile. I finally got the new modem, we were updated, and back online. Now if I can only get the computer to talk to the printer????


emaegf said...

Check the manufacture's website for an updated driver for the printer.

Marcie said...

I did, that didn't work.