Thursday, August 8, 2013

Curve Ball

Gotta watch those curve balls in life. And boy we got a dosey last night.
I was having a night, I had picked enough blackberries for some jam. I had apple butter going and almost ready for the canner, I just brought in cucumbers. And I caved and let the boys go to the neighbors for about 15 minutes. I just walked into the house when I hear the neighbor girl come a-screaming. I drop the cucumbers and go a-running, because as the front door opened you could hear a child screaming. I went racing and found Cole. And a bone sticking out of his arm.
And this is screaming you can not miss. So neighbor comes running and he sees the bone and he runs to get his car. I hand Cole over to the other neighbor and I run to get shoes and ID and we hop in the car and head to the ER.
We have a child's after hours ER attached to the hospital. So we head there. We get there and we are the only ones there. We got right back. As we were heading back, doctor stopped me for a second. Saw the bone and had x-ray there within minutes to take us over. Back and fourth and yep it's broken. We are facing surgery. So a make shift cast and a sling and we were in and out within an hour.
Call the surgeon this morning and got right in. After another round of x-rays it was deemed we don't need surgery, well unless the broken piece decides to go into the joint. But as long as he can move his elbow we are doing OK. So he is to be in the make shift cast for another week and we go back next Friday for a hard cast. Have to wait for swelling to go down.
So last night was a sleepless night as I was freaking out how to pay for yet another surgery. And then of course I worry about my baby being in pain.
So sadly our Mortgage challenge is on hold. Here is our plan for the moment. We will be putting the money that should be going towards this challenge into savings. So when the medical bills come in we can pay them. But lets say insurance magically decides to pay, then we can send all the money saved to the house. We know we have a very high deductible so odds are we are paying the bills.
Our mortgage has now dropped to 123,708.01 as I paid the Mortgage right before this happened and once it posts you can't take back the payment. But that is fine.
Oh what happened. Well the neighbor has a trampoline and yes it has an enclosure on it. BUT kids were playing a game on the outside of the enclosure??? this after the mom said NO. But they were outside and Tucker went to tag Cole and pushed him too hard and off the trampoline he went. Of course I found out the whole story today. I was too steamed last night to deal with the older boys. I know Tucker had pushed Cole off.
And tell ya he is milking it for all it's worth. Tucker is doing his chores for the next few weeks. the boys are spoiling him. And with him, I put his pain meds on the counter, if he is in pain he may take it. It sat there all day. I did make him take some before bed. I asked him to take some in the morning to help him get through the day. After that I don't care until bed. Pain meds are evil on his body and so to me if he can live without them the better.
But yeah after three boys and ten years, we have our first broken bone. For some reason I thought this would be our summer. I was just hoping it would be the big kid. Just grateful we are not facing surgery.
On a side note. Blackberries got put into the freezer. Apple Butter got jarred up and canned. And cucumbers are still sitting on the table. I got home and after putting kids to bed, I had a table to clear and dishes to do and all the lovely chores I normally do between 7-8pm.

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