Saturday, October 6, 2012

Apples, Apples, Everywhere an Apple Apple

So went apple picking this week. 6 totes of apples in two hours. We processed tote one today. 23 Quarts 3 Pints later. We still have 5 totes to go.

During the apple picking I got a call from my sister. She was ticked about our parents. Well yeah so I'm I.

See my sister has come to realize it's all about Mom. Mom this and Mom that. well Yeah I agree. See I'm apple picking, I have a garden, I have two beds of carrots to can, I have 100 pounds of potatoes calling my name. Not to mention frost is hitting and we are loosing tomatoes. But yet mom wants me to give up a day and come out and plant her plants.

So apparently her plants are soooooooooooooo much more important then my food. The hell with my food right? And the fact that if we don't can, then we don't eat, but at least her plants will be in the ground?

She called me once this week to ask me to come up. Then she came down to my house to ask me to come up. Both times I have said no. Then she had the nerve to make dad call me to ask me to come up and plant her plants.

But what did I do today? I turned off my phone, I cranked up Martina McBride singing It's My Time, and I put on my skinny shorts (to date I have lost 16 pounds) and danced around the kitchen well canning 23 quarts and 3 pints of applesauce. To hell with her. I moved her that was more then enough, if we make moving easy on her, she will oopsy forget to pay the rent over and over and it's us who will have to keep moving her. NOPE.

Gosh Blooming, it's my time! It's my time to be in my garden. It's my time to harvest food for my family. I have a family now. I have three kids dependant on me. It's not all about her anymore! It's about my kids now. It's about my family. So I may or may not find my phone next week. I may or may not turn it on.

So Friday we went to the Chicks Sale. It's a BIG country sale around here. I was looking for planters and such for the garden. I was looking for things for our bedroom wall. And we came across this. A 15 story bird house. I just HAD to have it. It's sitting in the front yard, probably until Spring. Then it will find a home in the back field in the garden.

So as the frost is hitting now. Been crazy busy out in the garden. All the tomatoes died, so we had to pull all the tomatoes. Now they are in the green house waiting to turn red. We (the kids and I) are out pulling and clearing beds. I'm going to need to get the herbs covered soon. 

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emaegf said...

That's a lot of apples!
The bird house is so cool! If no birds move in it would be a great place for herbs.