Sunday, April 1, 2012

So I Have This Child

So I have this child who really surprised me today. He discovered his brothers Ukulele and played that all day. It's a cheap ukulele that was bought in Hawaii, made in China but resides in WA state. But he plugged away on it all day. He even asked for paper so he could write ukulele music. After dinner he pulls me aside and quietly asked if he was old enough for ukulele lessons. He even said he know who he wanted to teach him. When I asked if he was serious, he said yes. I asked him he wanted to go and look tomorrow at the music store. YES! I told him if he was really serious and saved his allowance money, mommy and daddy would split half with him. Big ole smiles....

Here Cole is on mommy's guitar.

It's bigger then he is.

Playing the Uke.

We will see where this leads. 

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