Sunday, April 15, 2012

Couple of Weeks update

So it's been a few weeks since doing an update. LOTS going on here. Both in laws are not doing well, doing costumes for the school play, getting the garden up and going, and trying to keep my sanity in check.

So here is what 15 yards of dirt looks like.

Here is an owl I did to trade for a waffle maker. So worth it. I can make monkey waffles now.

Here is Tucker moving 15 yards of dirt.

"You want me to fill this?" This is one of two of the new raspberry beds. There will also be about 4 Elderberries in here.

Here it is full. Daddy helped a bit.


I moved my thyme, I have regular thyme and lemon thyme. Both need to be moved. And stay tuned I ordered some new thyme...So exciting. But I put the thyme in with the grapes, gives it plenty of room to grow and spread.

Hi Leo.

Hi Max.

Hi Becca.

Tonight I did a garlic bed. Garlic is new this year. I wanted a bed where it can grow and spread and just be. Hubby bought some more garlic tonight, I didn't realize how much room I had to fill.

This is the onion, celery, chard, and leek bed. It's over 30 feet long.

Here are a few of the new beds. I'm using these bricks so I can put herbs around the veggies. Notice the stack of bricks. We have another bed going in. I (Yes I) finally burned the limbs from the snow storm and it made a LOT of room. Room for another bed.

Stay tuned for what these will be used for. We have an upcoming really cool project....Any guesses?

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AdoptionMom said...

I'm seeing math, science, zoology, horticulture, woodworking, PE and many other courses being taught already at your home :O)