Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Photo Time

I feel like I'm soooooooooooooo far behind in life right now. It couldn't be the 12 Angel Costumes I just got done making for their Christmas Play could it be?

So decided this was the morning we were going to do the darn Christmas photo...I got the kids dressed, took them out into the cold and said one good shot and we will go in! I got a few good shots, but all in less then 5 minutes, they seem to be pros at this (or is it the cold?)

I then came in and was on and they have a great Christmas card price going on right now. So I cheated, I am letting them do our Christmas cards, in turn saving me from running all over town because only one store carries the right envelope I need, and I can never remember the store! I will run out of Card stock, I won't ever really decide on a card until 2 days before Christmas. Yes, I have been known to mail out Christmas cards on Christmas Eve!

So I pick them up Friday then I will go to the post office and mail them. I only bought a few, so in case you don't receive one, the first photo is my Christmas card, the second photo is just too cute.

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