Thursday, December 22, 2011


So adore this photo of Ethan. Last Wednesday I finally got my act together at the last second and made three hats for a skit they were putting on at school. (On Thursday) Yep I made this hat. Which of course I will be getting use out of as my in laws just had their 50th anniversary party this past weekend. Ethan wore the hat. I didn't make them for nothing now. Notice no Tucker? Tucker had a massive nose bleed right before the skit was to start. Now see a mother holding a nose, taking photos and taking a white shirt off Tucker because if he gets blood on it I'm dead! At the end of the skit, still holding the nose, one child half naked and photos were taken. I saved the White shirt!

So last Wednesday I started to get sick, by Friday I could not get out of bed sick. Saturday and Sunday were a blur. Because Tucker and I were sick. Saturday night Cole fell sick. Sunday night guess who else fell sick? My oldest, my helper. This isn't just any sick, this is very high fever, not eating, I can't get out of bed sick. We are still in recovery mode. As it was very brutal. Cole still has not over come the fever. But lots of napping going on here, and not much else. Can someone explain how the hubby didn't get sick?

Friday night as I put the kids to bed (about the only thing I did that night) I went to veg out on the couch and watch TV. Well TV was not to be, as our TV receiver decided right then and there it was time to give up the ghost. Hubby called Saturday and they put a new receiver in the mail. Received it Tuesday night and Hubby called today, and called and called. Three different people, including a manager and they won't hook it up for us. We are beyond dumbfounded at this point? So as of right now we are still without TV. No huge deal for me, as it is only turned on when the kids go to bed. But as energy is slowly coming back, I have so much to do. But at this moment I will tell ya Directv has crappy customer service. So not happy spending two hours on the phone, took about 20 minutes just to find us in the computer? After being with them for over 10 years, might be time to leave them? I told hubby one more day if they don't hook us up tomorrow when you call, I'm sending everything back and we are done! (I don't think hubby can live without TV) (someone tell him he may have too)

So because I and two kids were sick we missed out on my in laws anniversary party. Honestly I'm not a party person. But apparently Ethan had a blast showing off his new hat.

Cupcake of the month is coming. It's a great one, but it didn't come out the way I wanted it today, I kinda missed a few steps. Note don't curse out Directv and make cupcakes at the same time. The cupcakes are nummy, but didn't come out the way I wanted. So hopefully tomorrow, would LOVE to post before Christmas. 

Christmas, I'm so not ready. Everything has been bought, but not wrapped. I finished up everything last week, so there would be no mad dash going to the store for this or that. Which is good now that we've been so sick. Many will not receive Christmas cards. As my list is on a computer, the computer is in a cabinet, behind the couch, the couch has jars under it. When one is sick they are too week to do diddle squat so the computer will stay put and I have to let things go.

Christmas...I'm more freaking out about after Christmas. There is mountain of work to be done after Christmas. Need to make plans on expanding the garden and getting beds in and ready for spring. I have to re-wrap the green house. It's so crazy how time is just flying by these days. Barely a time to breath these days. To me it's amazing how the babies are just growing.

Until later...

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