Sunday, February 13, 2011

Natural Pink Icing

I absolutely can not tell ya how EXCITED I am at this very moment. OK as most of you know we are crap free here with food, red food dye, really no good for a body. I tossed all my icing colors 3 years ago, very sad to do that. But I did it, and I have been lost without them. I have tried a few different so called natural food dyes, and honestly being a cake decorator in my former life, I have not been happy with what is on the market. So me thinking, and thinking and thinking. One night well blog hopping I came across something called Beet Powder, hum I thought, and then an awesome Idea hit. I can get a beet, I can slice it, I can dry it, I can grind it and apparently I can make an awesome pink icing color.

Now I have seriously been lacking time lately so the slices of beets have been sitting in my dryer for weeks now. Now it's 11pm here, and it's V-Day tomorrow and I thought this was the perfect time to try out my idea. I have to say I absolutely love the color, it's such a rich pink.

I took a very simple icing, coconut oil, powdered sugar, vanilla, and rice milk, I then took my grind up beets and just added a little bit at a time until I was happy with the color.

Anyone want to guess what I will be growing in my garden this year? The color is just so utterly amazing. I will post more colors as I go, I have a few other things on my dryer, but with it being V-Day, pink won out this time around.


Chef Penny said...

You just dried beets then ground them up? What did you grind them with? What an awesome idea!

Marcie said...

My handy, dandy coffee grinder...