Monday, January 24, 2011

Shhhhh....I Got A Secret

I got a secret...Shhhh don't tell anyone.
You see last summer as I was peeling my kids apple after apple after apple, I would put the peels on the dehydrator. I would then take them off when done and grind them up. Me, in my qwest not to waste any food. I figure I will some day use all these grind up apple peels right?

Well that day has come. I am trying hard not to use guar gum when baking. So today well in the kitchen, whipping up yet another batch of Honey Bee Cupcakes, I thought I would use the grind up apple peels in place of guar gum. I have to say I was totally impressed. The cupcake came out really, really well.

So I will be using them in future recipes. Although I think they need a really cool name? Dehydrated grind up apple peels, is a mouthful. DGAP...Yeah, I can call them D-Gap. Lordy then no one will know what I'm talking about. I need something cool and hip, although I'm not cool and hip?

I will tell ya if you don't have a dehydrator, well what are you waiting for. I am so in love with all of mine. During the summer they are going non-stop, along with my canners. I love drying tomato peels and grinding them up for my rice dishes.

Hopefully as I go through this next year, I will have time to put more canning and drying recipes on the site.

So from this;

To this:

To this:

OH and the inside of the apples are sitting in the freezer so when I have the time I can juice those for real apple juice. OH I have a new juicer. Got it for Christmas. Hopefully those post will be here sooner then later.


Bat Chesed said...

Apple Peel Flour

Bat Chesed said...

I vote for Apple Peel Flour.

Anonymous said...

What about "Pectin Powder".

Marcie said...

I assume it's corn? I'll google later.

smiln60 said...

I am enjoying your blog. I am also new to the GF lifestyle. Can you tell me what you used to grind the apple peels? I have a food dehydrater that is well used, and would love to find a use for the peels as well. I think pear peels would be great too......just saying. Thanks for sharing your stories and recipes.

Marcie said...

I use a coffee grinder. Play with your food and have fun.