Monday, December 7, 2009

How Cool Are These?

So I went to a bazaar on Saturday and found a magnet. This little 2x2 magnet and looking at it and looking at it, thought I could do that! So with my cricut, (gotta love my cricut) I cut out some shapes and today I ran to Home Depot and for 5 bucks got 36 pieces of tile. Now a lot cheaper then I thought. Last time I saw these they were 10 bucks a sheet. I ran to Fred Meyer and got magnets and tonight in a few seconds I had 24 magnets. How cool are these?

I am donating these to Ethan's school, Ethan's class runs a store to raise money for their up coming field trip.

So after doing these the boys are SO excited and saying we can do these for this person and that person. So every family member and neighbor watch out.

Total cost is .39 cents for each magnet. I have rolls and rolls of vinyl I was given to me so I only had to buy tile and magnets.

So easy and so super cheap! And you know I love cheap!

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Rachel said...

so you used the cricut (what IS that?) to cut out the red vinyl? Then how did you attach it to the tile? And the magnet to the back of the tile?