Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The New Goat House!

So we have decided to build a new goat house. You can't call it a pen as it's BIG. Since it looks like our dream house has been sold, we have basically decided we are happy staying here and maybe expanding our house. More on that down the road. We are still in debate mode.

But since we are here the goats need a new pen, but this thing is BIG. It's 8x10 to stay within code so we don't have to get permits. You can see the second photo we cleared the area on Tuesday, We found all the wood from around our property and cut it down to size, very surprised we have nearly all the wood we needed. We need maybe 2-3 more pieces and that is it? Shocking.

See we collect wood, all summer long I respond to any wood posting on freecycle and craigslist and my poor hubby runs up and gets it. Well this is why we do this. To get to this point in the goat house it has not costs us a cent. We think we can finish this for less then 20 bucks. So we are trying to head out daily to do something towards this house. Yesterday we cleared the area, and found and cut all the wood in the freezing cold might I add?

Today we built the sub floor until it started to rain so bad we had to come in. Tomorrow we are looking to put in supports in the sub floor. And hubby wants to outline the roof. If we can we will start the floor, but we may wait until we can do the floor and back wall in one day as we have a jumper in the group and we are afraid he will be more then happy to climb on the wall and right over to the neighbors they are fully fenced but still. I don't want to go and chase a goat. Stay posted. I will try and update as we go. Ms. Sierra was so helping us today, I'm surprised she's not in the shot?

OH when we get done building this house, we are tearing down two of the older pens and then making room for another goat house that should be built this summer, ready for next fall and winter. Too much to do out there and never enough time!


Bat Chesed said...

I can see that you are working hard to make your place work for you Marcie. It's too bad about the "dream house" but often dream houses come with dream headaches (remember the movie The Money Pit - lol). Seems like a good plan to get the Goat House done up.

Rachel said...

How is it going now? Updated pics? I love watching other people get stuff done. It makes em feel so productive!