Thursday, December 10, 2009

Yes, Really Goat Coats

So here is Sierra and Bridget modeling the new coats I slaved over all night long to make them.

Well yesterday was a day. That night it was sooooo cold we are talking 6 degrees cold. The dogs were inside and we let the dogs out in the morning. Our Hannah likes to sneak into the goats pen and play with the goats. Usually we catch this and yell at her to come and leave the goats alone and normally she does for the rest of the day. Well I didn't catch this and neither did hubby.

I went to drop of a few kids and went to the office. After picking up kid 2 I had a feeling I needed to head home so half way home I get a call from hubby. Hannah had snuck out with the goats and got the girls. It seems it was too cold for the girls to play and sat as sitting targets.

I got home a few minutes later and hubby carried them into the wash room (Goat Hospital) and we cleaned up the ears, but they were so cold. I wrapped them in towels and blankets and we let them nap.

I left to pick up kid 1 and I came back and they were feeling good. They were awake sitting on top of the blankets, eating away.

So they stayed in the wash room all night as it was to be a whopping 12 degrees last night. Way too cold for my girls.

I had this idea it was time for a goat coat. Something I had been waiting to do but my other goats have nice big winter furs that they are outside doing just fine. So I measured and cut and sewed out of old towels and batting.

Got them done this morning before putting the girls back outside for the day. Sierra is doing great and getting into trouble. Bridget has been on her feet and eating hey, but not fully herself yet. Hopefully as it warms up here in a day or two she will be bouncing around like her sissy?

They are in their own pen right now as they get back on their feet. Probably tomorrow put them out with the rest of the goats.

And Ms. Hannah is on a dog runner right now. She will have no more access to the goats what so ever!

Next up Rain Coats. And yes I'm serious.

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Bat Chesed said...

Hmmm, ok. So blue and whitish, huh? Wonder what yarns have to co-orinate with that for horn warmers. Although I must say, these two girls look more like they need ear warmers than horn warmers - lol.