Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Yes, I'm still here: New Bags

Yep, I get the award for sucking at blogging this year. In all fairness. It has been utter chaos around here. We had a family emergency, which lead to a family death. Which lead to me rushing to get new "fancy" clothes for the kids, I made new ties and had to go hunting for new pants and shirts because they have out-grown their old fancy clothes. Dang the prices at goodwill these days for clothes!

Hubby has a horrible work schedule. Right now finishing up a week of 10-7's so he isn't here to help with school and by the time he gets home he is just done. I have to make him dinner, put the kids to bed and then he crashes. Leaving me to do EVERYTHING.

I'm doing school, I'm trying to close down a garden, I'm still canning. And then things I have needed hubby to do, he isn't doing so I have to break down and do them. Goats needed a new hay bin. got to the point it couldn't wait a second longer. So I made a hay bin this week. I go all day long and that doesn't include the freaking neighbor.

Oh the neighbor lets talk about a neighbor. She hired these guys who do not speak English to add a room. Totally illegal, it's so illegal, that her insurance caught wind of it, came out to see it and then dropped her. So illegal that the county has been out, but so far no note from them???? So we pointed out some things, like not having a flat roof in WA state?  She finally had the guys stop and wants us to finish up the room. ARG. but we need the money right, We just don't have 5 minutes to rub together. So that has been all me. Now that I'm onto sheet rock you really see the mistakes that have been made. But because of their mistakes my job will look like crap, which pisses me off. You tell me you can't come off a square surface like a house and not make everything square? The 2 x 4's going up, they are all different sizes, the beam is so in the wrong spot. So it's taking us a long time to hang drywall because it takes like an hour to measure and cut out a board/section. Although should be done with drywall on Thursday, go into mudding and taping, Let that dry over the weekend and then I'm on my own again, painting and putting in the floor. And being done and telling her no more until well after the first of the year if that.

Seriously why do people think I do nothing but sit on my butt all day? By the time I finally get the garden closed it will be time to re-open it again. Carrots should have been canned months ago, but were finally pulled today. I still have pumpkin to can. Our stove is dying. One burner has burnt out, at the connection, so we are down to three burners. that is so very hard to work with when you are canning.

I have so much sewing and researching to do. The piles and piles of research, that doesn't include the binders that some of the piles have finally made it into.

Some of my sewing, we needed new grocery bags. So very badly. The straps are all broken off and holes and yeah I'm done and I'm not buying anymore. So I designed a bag, it was ok, re-designed it, and love it and has made it many times over. It's not an easy bag to make, as there are three layers to make it really study. But it's so worth it in the end.

And then you add in the stress of life? Ethan starts his appointments next week, they run for a few weeks, so a lot of running him back and fourth for the dentist and braces and such. I made those appointments for after the election because if someone wins I loose insurance and I will just cancel those appointments. Then we sit down and try and figure out how to save for two kids and braces?

I've been using the money from working next door to buy meat. I just picked up 80 pounds of chicken, and we got all that processed and into the freezer in one day. We've had a sick goat, must have just been a stomach ache because she is fine now, but the joy of chasing this thing down. And then I finally got pepto and tums and since I had her I wormed her. The next day she was fine and eating again. So ok then. Thought for sure it was her time, but I guess not? But they are all about 11 years old so it's a matter of time anyway.

The stove, I'm trying to drag it along, but how long before it's just toast. I think my dryer is going? It seems to run for a very long time these days. Need to look into that. Our toilet is still leaking need to find money to fix that. We have a list a mile long of stuff to fix and do and nothing is getting done.

Need to process onions, need to plant garlic. Need to do this and this and that. ARGGGGG

Yeah, so I suck at blogging right now.

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