Sunday, November 27, 2016

When It Rains It Pours

Tell ya, the next person that says that to me is going to be slapped! It's not pouring it's DUMPING. Tell ya this has been the year for dumping, you start to recover from the current dump and BOOM you are hit again and again and again.

So here was my November the 13th. I get a call at 1:20 pm from hubby, he fell out of a truck and landed hard and he HURTS. But he thinks he can drive home, we only have one car, so either he walks or drives? So he makes it home and one look from him and up we go to urgent care for x-rays.

2 freaking hours later. Nothing is broken you are on light duty go home. So run that by work and he is taking the next day off and do all that paperwork. Finally long after dinner head home.

Although I'm driving those back roads and guess what comes at me? A Deer, I saw him and hit my breaks, but the deer and I know what is coming. I look and I have a ditch so good bye deer, I'm not going in a ditch. I was able to stop enough and slant my van that we just brushed each other, he turned and ran back and I have no damage. Thank God. So get down that road and go across a bridge and I hear popping. Oh crap my tires are going. But I keep going? OH wait it's Sunday the game is on and the idiot in the area likes to shoot off fire works.

So get home and start to calm down and get hubby on a heating pad. And we get a call. CRAP before hubby was off the phone I was in the van heading north. My mil was being rushed to the ER. 5 hours later she was told it was arthritis and go home. Hum no? she is slurring her words, her left side is weak. she can't stand on her own. But yet according to the doctor it wasn't a heart attach or a stroke. 

So they admitted her and I went home. More tests and such and she was done, she wanted to be moved to the rehab place. Oh Thursday I moved her over. About that time we found out the doctor didn't do a head CT to check for a stroke. One assumes if you say no stroke you have done a test for a stroke?

So hubby ended up being down for about two weeks. He tried one day to go back and lasted about 4 hours. But he was done and in pain and wanted to go back to the ER. I wanted to call him a baby, try labor my dear. So the ER doctor said. there is nothing I can do, it hurts, now you have to go to PT since this is your second trip here. LOVELY.

PT places are two weeks out. Finally found one that could see him sooner then later. Got him into PT on Wednesday and by Friday he was back to work. Yes, he got the joy of working Black Friday. But he is back to work! So two weeks without a pay check. LOVELY. yes it's L & I pay, but I've never done L & I and have no idea when or if we will see a check? And for how much? We will be ok barely, we are using the money we had set aside for the second car. But on the other hand I don't use as much gas as I've used in the last two weeks. So at some point that money will run out.

Went up every day if not twice a day when mil was in the hospital. That is a 30 minute trip just up. Her first week in rehab has been a bumpy ride. And many trips up and back. One day kid you not, three trips to town and back. Although she has turned a corner now and is doing great and we as family can back off. She has to do the work, we can't do it for her. So I went up today and probably won't be back until mid- week to pick up laundry and to see if she has any needs. Today she wanted to re-learn how to use her cell phone. So we did that.

Strokes are hard. We got lucky, her mind is all there and she can talk, but she is very week and is learning how to do things again. Been very frustrating I'm sure. Here she was doing great, walking 2 miles a day and such. and BOOM. We are going to move you back in life. She can recover.

So I'm trying to finish up next door, they wanted it done by Thanksgiving. Not happening. But they understand. I'm working on Christmas. Swags slacked off with me not being home. So finishing up Christmas for the boys is going to be really hard. Luckily we started early, but the finishing will be hard.  

You add in the house. Oh the house. So every appliance is on life support around here. At one point all four were down at once. So we got the fridge working again. We tore it apart, we found the fan we fixed it, we somehow put it all back together it's still working. Went and got the part for the store. We had a fire LOVELY and the part where you put in the burner was burnt out. We got the part before someone got hurt. So onto the dishwasher, I've been trying to figure it out. But hell with the two weeks I had I finally gave in, had hubby call the place where we bought it, It's under warranty, so they will be here next week. And now the microwave. oh it works, I just have parts all over the house. Can we say duct tape?

Yesterday was the first day of me sleeping. Just sleeping, and not waking up to an alarm clock, not waking up at 6 or 7am and my mind is going worrying about my mil.

But I'm tired, it's been a hell of a year. What I wouldn't give for some good news? Some really good news? What I wouldn't give for a family that I could call and say hay, I need help can you come and spend a few hours with the boys? My mom is hooked on pain drugs and drinking, don't want that around the boys. My dad, nope, my sister, hum no.

Seriously I'm ready for a good cry and some good news.

The photo above is a bees nest we had to kill this past summer. It was HUGE.

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