Sunday, February 7, 2016

Weekly Update

Actually not much to update here. We got the seeding rack up, and I have trays ready. Tomorrow I fill the trays and then get tomatoes, and peppers started. The onions on the bottom shelf are doing great. 

So I've been leaning towards Paleo/Raw diet, well it's time I lean some more. I've been missing biking. Eons ago when I was young, I use to bike, bike all over town anywhere I needed to go, I would bike. To school, but I would take the long way around. But I've been really missing it, and I want to get back on a bike. BUT there is no where to bike around here, let alone get away from the house, with all the kids. So I'll buy a bike and cycle here. See if I can get back up to my 10-30 miles a day I use to do. I still have birthday and Christmas money, so I'll use that.
Starting Wednesday I'm aiming to be 90-95% Paleo or raw. Ethan and I Have sat down and re-arranged dinners, and made a list of dinners we can do. Now need to sit down and make a menu so I can plan out my weekly shopping. I'll get back onto my bone broth, I did it this past summer and it has killed some pain I was having. I was having side pain so bad there were days I couldn't move. Bone Broth brought it down so I have maybe one really bad night a week. But I'll do it this time in aiming to loose a few extra pounds that have been hanging around.
I've been hanging onto these shorts. I use to wear them before the kids came. I was able to fit into them after I had Tucker. I lost a ton of weight having Tucker. It was Cole that killed me. After you have the third kid, you frankly do not care about weight. But been working on it slowly over the years. Last year during the heat wave, between hot flashes and the heat the pounds melted away. But then it stopped, and I stalled again. But I wasn't trying either.
So now I will attempt. But it's more about eating better and getting back into shape. Sigh.

A hint to keep costs down. Borrow Paleo/Raw books from the library, if you like, but it used off Amazon and if you don't, then don't waste your time. I'm in that process now. I'll wait for the used price to come way down, but I do know who not to buy now. 

We are taking a week off of school this week. We've been working so hard it's time for a break. Do a break now, then work hard and take a break in April and then finish strong. I'm a bit worried about getting use to hubby leaving and me not getting back to sleep in the am. And then I'm cranky for the kids and cranky mom and math just doesn't work.
Hubby flips over to his new schedule this week. He will actually flip flop for a few weeks it looks like. Frankly I'm grateful each day he has a job. It's retail, he is getting older, they love to push out the older and get younger at cheaper pay.
Been out working in the garden this week, as of tomorrow I will have the old herb area killed. I totally lost two mints. And I was able to move four things and remove boxes and such. I have four more herbs left, then tear up the weed block and hope the grass grows back in. We will wait a year on the pear trees and see what happens. But they are so bent up and around and such, looking for sun I don't see how we will have pears this upcoming year?

This is the area of the garden where the neighbor parked her shed on the fence line blocking the sun from some of my garden, it was one of my herb areas, around the pear trees. Luckily they missed the blue berry patch. Because they look amazing, but lost every raspberry and some herbs along the way so far. 

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Chriswife said...

I'm not paleo but I have lucked into a few free paleo Kindle books. I had a look and never really did anything with them. If you'd like, I could Kindle-loan them to you.