Friday, January 29, 2016

I Birthed A Kangaroo

I tell you, it wasn't easy. But so worth it. What I LOVE about this pattern is it came with a photo tutorial. Because let me tell ya, I was in no mood last week to sew. But I had this pattern staring up at me, calling my name. Begging me to birth a kangaroo, and let me tell you I see why now.
I became frustrated last year with another designer, and swore off any more animal patterns. And then I fell in love with a Toucan. Head over heels. And this designer had a sale and after looking at all her designs, I picked a Kangaroo, and thought this was the last chance. And after sewing this little lady I will be back. I have a toucan to buy after all.

I added the pouch, the pouch is NOT in the pattern. It's really easy to do, you just add in the fabric first thing, and as you sew, trim it up a bit. I added the black trim before adding the legs. My boys said it had to have a pouch. 

When I buy a new pattern, I normally practice with scrap fabric or some Muslim fabric. It allows me to practice the pattern. To make any adjustments I need to make for myself. Allows me to fully understand the pattern before diving into my good fabric. Even for as long as I've been sewing I still believe in practicing.
Now to name the little lady?
You can buy your pattern here...


Pauline - Funky Friends Factory said...

Love your post and your Joey Junior tyrned out really cute!!! :D xxx Pauline

Chriswife said...

She's adorable!