Saturday, January 16, 2016

Is It Spring Yet?

I got the leeks and onions going. I'm hoping with planting early this year they will be ready to harvest on time? I just now, well yesterday harvested my leeks. Part of it is a time issue.
The backyard garden is totally under construction. I'm re-arranging bricks and moving dirt around. I shouldn't have to spend a dime. But if I'm here for another year or two I have to have a backyard that works for me. This area drives me up the wall. So I run out in-between rain and I pick one project a day. Once that is done I come in. This way I'm not spending days and days out there in early spring. Hopefully I can take photos soon?
Up next I need to pick tomatoes and figure out what I'm growing. Won't be doing 500 tomatoes. Like last year. Should try and keep it under 100. Although so many tomatoes I want to grow. But after last year, I'm not the biggest fan of cherry tomatoes. I'll probably grow matt's folly, it's a great one to slice in half and put on the dehydrator. I have a list going for the neighbor. She came over one day and saw a purple tomato and about freaked out. Tomatoes are only red. Nope. I have every color I can think of. She took a purple tomato and raced home to show her husband. So I will plant blue berries for her. It's a lovely purple cherry tomato. I could talk tomatoes all night long, but won't.
Well talk about peppers instead....OK joking. Need to get on peppers too.
So basically every moment I can I'm out in the garden. Just waiting for spring. 

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