Thursday, October 17, 2013


Crazy busy around here. Oh boy. Doing a big updating post.
Worked on harvesting the garden. I still have more to do, but this was today's haul.
These three pumpkins on the table are the three biggest we have ever grown.
Want'a guess how much the pumpkin Ethan is touching, weighs?
Yeppers, 41.5 pounds. The one in the middle is 25 pounds the one on the end is still sitting outside.
Here it is. All 41.5 pounds of her.
Yep, that big.
We got 33 quarts of pumpkin out of her.
We've hit our limit of pumpkin. I'm pumpkin'd out. I's just done. So all these pumpkins that we won't be using went next door. Sad to see them go, but she is canning too.
I'm teaching three kids to sew. Two are mine.
Seeds of the month finally came.
Last week a surprise package just magically showed up at our door. Filled with Lego's and NO note. So two can play at this game. I whipped up these two and sent them off today. Now because she may be a blog reader I will show these two AFTER I know she has received the package! I'll just say the boys were in shock and totally enjoy Lego's. Lego's are their life.

We are also working our way through 40 pounds of chicken. We did three big pots of soup and canned some. Tomorrow three more big pots of soup as I apparently didn't make enough? Ethan is really starting to like soup. I still have a few pumpkins to can. And then our last bed of carrots. 

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