Friday, October 25, 2013


So we know October was going to kick us in the butt. We prepared ourselves. But it was a butt kicking that is for sure. First we were preparing for a strike at work. As hubby would not have been on strike, but would have to work 12-15 hours to cover those on the line. We didn't want a strike, as much as the extra money would have been nice, we know them all and we don't want anyone to go without a pay check.
With two hours to go, strike was called off. No details for awhile. Although because we are non union we don't get what they get. But like if they get holiday pay, we get holiday pay. If they get something cut we get something cut. The difference is in things like health care. They have really good health care. Well we have really crappy medical care.
I had to deal with our health care. NOT something I was looking forward to. As hubby's work is HIGHLY recommending that we don't sign up for ACA. But honestly I can't take another year with work insurance. People we have a 10,000 deductible per person. So not only am I paying nearly 30 dollars a week for this crappy insurance, I'm paying 50-100 a week on medical bills. It's killing us. When Cole broke his arm I honestly thought about NOT taking him in. It's scary to have those thoughts. Thinking crap how much will this be costing us. In case you are curious it's about 2k without surgery. All out of our pocket.
So anywho, curious and in a really bad mood, it was either go and curl up in bed and have a good cry or do something on my long list. Yeah, lets figure out health insurance when you are in a mood? So curious I went over to our WA ACA site. And hum we don't make enough to get onto ACA. Apparently in our state you need to be making about 39k a year. Well that isn't happening here. BUT WA expanded medicaid. And we can now get on that. So the kids are all ready signed up and we (adults) have coverage at the first of the year. So I can tell work to shove it's horrible insurance. Well except work might be telling me where to stick it? I came across a story that work is dropping spouses. Really? Talk about sticking it to us. So we won't get contract details for awhile, by then work insurance sign up will be closed. I can't get on ACA. Geez good thing I signed up with the state.
Happy to be done with work.
We put up 40 pounds of chicken. Zaycon chicken is awesome. Between jars of chicken, chicken soup and meals. I'm excited. We get hamburger next month. Math wise it's cheaper then the store. It's better then the store. So tired of recall after recall to find out about the crap the animals are fed.
We got the joy of a major allergic reaction here. We went gluten, dairy, and soy free for Ethan and Cole, but it turns out Tucker is worse then anyone. In laws took us to Red Robin for lunch. I went through my speech how they are gluten, dairy, soy, corn free, and how we do their food. NOW I don't remember saying not to season the hamburgers. BUT others at the table said I did. We believe Tucker ate a seasoned hamburger. Now rather it was a mix up and it was meant for hubby? or a cc issue or what. We will never really know? By the time we got home, Tuckers eyes were so swollen. He had a rash from head to toe and itching.
See here is another medical issue. I was only going to take him in if he started to have trouble breathing. He never had trouble breathing, even through I was up most of the night checking on him. But round after round of benadryl. Ethan who had a few bites of Tucker's hamburger, by day two was doubled over in pain dying in the bathroom. When he finally got out of the bathroom he laid on his floor for awhile just dying.
The joy of allergies.
So after much talk, it was decided we will never go out to eat again. We just can not trust someone else with my boys food right now. I was really hoping they would semi grow out of things by now. But just a sprinkle and it's scary. If Tucker were to get full blown soy we would have been up a creek. I've cancelled everything for the year. I'm just staying home, I'm cooking for the kids. I'm done. I can't trust right now. It's scary if something were to happen on my watch. I think not. Speaking of my watch, I sent Tucker out with scissors, and a brother to cut free a goat, who really isn't too friendly. No, idea what I was thinking there? It seems the goat saw Tuck and ripped the tarp off and went running. So after dinner Ethan and I went out to play catch a goat. Well in the process of catching the goat, I went flying through goat poop. BUT I caught him! I got the tarp off. The joy I have with goats.
Even through October is not done yet. I'm ready for November. Although I'm not ready for Christmas. 2 months. scary. The boys know it will be small. And that is just fine. They know I have an arm to pay for. Told Cole if I pay for the arm then they won't come and take it away. After much thinking, he just gave me a look. And it's not about gifts. I think they are looking forward to a school break. They are doing good with school and so far we are on track. If you leave Cole alone he just does his math. Dang kid will be done with first grade around Christmas.
All those pillowcases I'm posting. I'm thinking of doing a batch and throwing them on etsy. Not looking to make a bunch of money. But a little might be nice? As we've lost money here and there and we are tittering on the point of I might have to go back to work. My hours would have to be in the middle of the night. Which craps me as I've been working on my sleep. I am now asleep by 2am and up by 9am. It's still a work in progress. Can't seem to find a magnesium that works for me. I think that is my missing link. But I'll keep looking.
But working on the budget hoping to find more money. Not paying weekly insurance will help. If the state covers the bills then that will loosen up that money as soon as bills are paid off. It's not like we go to the doctor a lot, or will now that we have insurance. But if a child breaks an arm, I won't have thoughts about not taking them in?  
But will it be enough of a difference? Our 401k loan will be paid off in 19 weeks. As much as that would help we will be turning that around and putting it into the 401k, as our retirement is just crap and I need to work on building it up. So it's a matter of finding more to cut and bringing in a wee bit more.
So I hope it all balances out. I'll know more as time goes on. It's been a really tough month and I'm tired.
I'm loosing a great neighbor at the end of the month. She is giving her house back to the bank. Bank refuses to work with her. Surprise, surprise. But she had until Feb. But finally found a rental that will take 2 of the 3 dogs. So we are getting a dog until she can sneak him in. Although well he is here I'm fixing him! I highly believe in fixing animals. And there is a program that helps pay for it. I've sent all my animals through it. And thanks to my other neighbor not fixing her dogs. We are getting a puppy in December. Who will be fixed within weeks of coming here. I'll just do both at once. HA. I'll call it her Christmas gift. Although its something she wants so.
Yeah, we are getting a puppy. So not what we need. Puppy will be staying in Ethan's room. He will be paying for food and everything out of allowance. I will fix the dog as part of his Christmas. Ethan has made a list and slowly getting things from goodwill as we go. He will be cage trained and sleep there at night or of we leave the house. I am so not a fan of a puppy and the lovely chewing stage!
So yeah a very busy October. It just seems to drag on and on. I still have some pumpkins and carrots to deal with and then the garden is done with OH and parsnips. I'm closing down the garden as I can and covering beds. Cutting things back. Getting things planned for next year.
Here is hoping November is much better then October!

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