Friday, January 11, 2013

What A Week!

You know that feeling after the bus hits ya and you are laying there going, Well I didn't see that coming?

The Mortgage Challenge has been called off. Why you ask? Well Wednesday I was out doing errands and I go to back up and kept going. I had no brakes. I throw it into gear and parked and restarted the van hoping it was a fluke. NOPE. I had no brakes. So made the choice to go 5 mph and hit Trader Joe's. OK probably not the right word there, I ended up hitting no one. But I figured I would finish getting food in case we are stuck at home for a few days. But well there I called Hubby, to call the car guy to see if he can get us in. I babied that van home, going oh so very slow, with the flashers on. Finally made it home, and hubby was going to take the van over and walk home.

Why walk home? Because we took Hubby's truck over early Wednesday morning. Yep, he now had both of our cars. But he took pity on hubby and drove him home. It's not a long walk. But.

So how were we to pay for this? I was hoping my brakes would last one more month for taxes, and they were doing good, until BOOM. So we used hubby's truck fund. It took all 400 dollars too. Hubby's truck has maybe 2-3 more months and then it will die. After that he said bury it. Car guy took more pity on us and only charged us 100 for hubby's truck. So yeah it was a 500 dollar week.

So we have no cash, nothing. No truck fund, nothing. It was decided and boy I fought hard, but lost. The money that was suppose to go to Mortgage, will now be pulled and put into the truck fund. Hubby will need something this year. And I can't fight it any longer. And I refuse to finance another car. That won't happen again! So until further notice we are building a truck fund.

So this is a nightly thing here. It's been really cold and so our outside cat comes in and sleeps with either Sitka or Hannah.

And just a word to the wiser LABEL YOUR SEEDS AS YOU GO! Enough said there!

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emaegf said...

Try sprouting a couple of seeds from each jar and see if the sprouts are different. If so look online once you find the right seedling you can label the jars.