Friday, January 4, 2013

Is It Spring Yet?

So blogger is acting up, had trouble uploading photos and they are really out of order.

So anywho...Is it spring yet? Today was soooooooooooo nice I dragged myself outside and couldn't drag myself in. I have been missing my garden.

So got through Christmas. I don't know how? My in laws stuck to their word and only bought the boys one gift each. But Cole got three because price wise it was equal. Christmas morning we get up to get going to my parents and there was SNOW. 2 plus inches, yeah we are not going anywhere. We are down to one car and if it slides we are up a creek.

So my mother decides to come down the next day. Her car was PACKED I stopped counting at 30 plus gifts. Lordy, what is it with her and having to buy crap, crap and more crap. I give up. My mother will never listen I just don't exist in her world. After she left kids and us had a talk about all that crap and buying stuff. And wasting money. Lord help me.

So well she was here she asked if I would take her dogs well they are gone. Sure...But we are going to ask someone at the camp to watch them first. So Sunday we all head done to Goodwill and my phone starts to go off and texting and such. I have no minutes so I can't answer them. I get home to find out my parents were here, but since we were not home they dropped the dogs off at my sisters house. So I had to race over to my sisters to get these dogs.

So by now I'm Pissed because where is the respect? Where was that call the day before saying we will be down and when? So for New Year's Eve I had 5 dogs, 3 cats, 3 kids, 1 blind bunny, and 2 1/2 inches of new snow.

The boys were out all day Monday playing in the snow. I could not get them in. Oh well.

I'm working on a new quilt. More later.

Now...We were going to start a Mortgage Challenge this past week. Except if one makes plans God laughs right? You see the lovely Congress/House decided it would be fun to fall off a cliff and mess with our paychecks. We lost a lot of money this week as hubby's work messed up his paycheck. On top of that we don't know if we will see the money back? Will they fix next weeks check? On top of that the Payroll Tax hit us hard and I wasn't expecting. We don't know if we are taking an 80 dollar hit or 240 hit yet. We sat down this week and tired to find 80 dollars. We found 50. When you make this little and it takes nearly 3 paychecks to pay your mortgage there isn't much left to cut. If we are taking a 240 hit we are in some serious trouble. Cross that bridge later.

So right now we are waiting and seeing. If there is any extra money it's going towards the van as we don't know when we can file taxes. So when life irons out a bit money wise we will re-work the numbers for the mortgage challenge and get back on it.

The garden I'm sooooooooooo missing the garden. The next nice day we will be out working in the new herb area. But I plan on trying to spend about 5 dollars a week and getting bricks, and manure now. So come spring we are ready to rock this thing out and don't have to wonder where will we find the money. This week I was able to squeeze ten from the budget. So Sunday I will go and get 8 bricks. Very exciting. Way too much to do and not enough time.

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