Friday, January 11, 2013

Taking The Loaf Out Of The Bread

So are you drooling yet? Are you tired of making gluten free bread? And it falling over and over and over again? Do you have jars and jars and jars of bread crumbs?

It got to the point I just stopped making bread. I was done, no more. Then I had a thought. Take the loaf out of the bread? huh, so after some googling I landed here. Huh, a bread with no starch? No crap? Huh. Well next day Coleson and I did this bread. In 20 minutes I was making sandwiches. My husband who hasn't had a sandwich in years. Had a 6 inch by 6 inch sandwich.

I can not tell you how easy this is to make. How easy it is to bake, cut, and make sandwiches. This bread will not fall apart on you.

After I made sandwiches for all. For dinner I took the left over bread and cut it into squares, covered them with butter, garlic, and salt and warmed them up. The bread never had a chance.

So I'm challenging you to take the loaf out of the bread. And make this amazing recipe.

I used the recipe step for step so I won't be posting it here. But go to her site, recipes are AMAZING. Get her book. I can't wait until I can afford her book.

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