Monday, January 2, 2012

Weekly Update

So OK I'm a bit backwards here, But it's been a crazy weekend as I've been cooking and baking up a storm to get ready for school to start. ARRRRRRRRR I'm so not ready for 7:30am. I really enjoy sleeping.

First I made chicken noodle soup for the canner, BUT no noodles and no chicken. These are for hubby and he will have to warm and add as he goes. Need to get those into the canner soon. I made turkey broth for the canner, so I need to dig out the canner and get busy.

I made raw brownies recipe here I adore this blog. Especially since we are going more natural and more raw as we start to go through life now. I used almonds instead of walnuts, and I added a touch of agave as I couldn't get it as sticky as I wanted. But once I put this pan on the table I had three kids attack the pan. The photo was taken in mid-attack. The boys LOVE these and they say they taste like Lara Bars. Score! The boys decided to save the rest for school snack tomorrow.

Next, can't forget the goats. They got a snack of their own today. Chip and Becca looking it over, what you don't see is the babies right behind it. Trooper and Jelly were just eating away. Nothing like a fresh Christmas Tree.

So sadly school starts up tomorrow. Tell ya if we didn't adore this school so much I would be homeschooling. Kids and I talked about that today, they were asking where would we go, if we didn't have our school, I said I would be home schooling. This scares my oldest as we are so alike, that I just can't teach him.

Tuckers birthday is coming up and he is soooooooooooooo excited. 14 more days, he was a holiday baby. Tonight we chatted about when he was born, and we were the only ones in the hospital. So after he was born all the nurses were doting all over him and giving him bathes, and changing diapers, and clothes. Mommy got some serious sleep and LOTS of food. Although the next day new mommies and then babies came and the nurses got busy again.

I'm not the type of person to do year end stuff, or looking ahead. I think as you move through life you need to make daily goals and daily choices. So it's why you never see a year end review from me. I am moving the house towards more natural, raw, vegan type of eating. As the garden expands we will be eating more and more out of the garden. I want us healthy and to stay healthy. I really enjoy having energy and being able to keep up with the kids and all I have to do. I mean if you are eating crap you are going to feel like crap. You eat foods that give you energy you are going to have energy. If you want to get serious look at what you are eating. The ingredients on the package may not be all the ingredients. Think about that can, and the liner and that leaking into your foods. Think about the packaging and that leaking into your foods. If you are eating food colors, google the ingredients. You will be shocked. There is a reason Europe is banning this crap. Don't weigh yourself down with food. Eat the right foods and enjoy the energy that will follow.

I could nag about foods all night, but I won't. You have to make the life choice, I've all ready made mine. I am enjoying the energy and I'm a bit excited about expanding the garden, a bit, it is a lot of work coming up for me. And yes I will be blogging as I go.

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jana said...

PROUD OF ALL YOUR WORK. Keep up the good job as you are seeing the fruits of your labor pay off. Love the photos and recipe ideas.