Saturday, March 26, 2011

What I'm Growing This Year

Come On Sun...The sun is so trying to shine here, but the darn clouds keep moving in and raining. So as I'm sitting here dreaming about getting out and planting. Here is the list of stuff we will be growing this year.

Green Beans
Beets (New) (Well on purpose this year)
Jerusalem Artichokes (New)
Ground Cherries (New)
Garden Huckleberry (New)
Leeks (New)
Ginger (maybe)
Garlic (maybe)
Green Onions
Lavender (New)
Chard (New)

There are things in the past we have tried to grow, but we were not successful. Things like broccoli, cauliflower, peppers. 

We are also getting a new apple tree, which I'm so excited about, and if all works well, we will be putting in a raspberry patch. But that requires me clearing and moving and cleaning a-area in the backyard where we once had bunnies. As the bunnies are getting older and leaving us we are finding we have more and more room out back. I mean really they are about 7 years old, how much longer must they live? I can not believe we have had those bunnies for about 7 years. Crazy. But we have 3 outside, and one inside. The one inside went blind almost a year ago, and poor thing was on deaths door when we found him. But anywho he is inside and loving it. He gets the run of the house, and he loves it. I'll have more on him one day.

Well anywho not a post about bunnies, but about what we are growing this year.

The boys are super excited, Ethan and Tucker get their own bed this year. Tucker is growing flowers, and Ethan wants nothing but Watermelon. I will have photos, but that depends on if we get a spring or not this  year? I'm sure we will add a few other things to our growing list. Hoping for a really good spring and summer. We could sure use one.


Natalie said...

musk melon, honey dew, watermelon, squash all varieties. Just some ideas Marcie.

The Momma said...

Did well last year with our broccoli, cabbage, peas, and green beans. Someday, I swear it, I WILL get a crop of tomatoes and melons before the first freeze!

I'm daydreaming for Spring, the REAL spring, too. Seeds are just sitting here... waiting to be planted!