Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day To Day

Well Good News here, Bella is doing great. She made it through the night with flying colors.

I got up this morning and decided to do another round of baking soda mix. She really fought me and screamed. That is a good thing. She had fight. So left her and went through my day.

After a very long day out, I came home, and after she had fought with hubby, it was time for her to go outside. I found a leash and walked (was pulled) outside (I was pulled). All the goats came running to greet her, and she was screaming that she missed them.

And then she ate, not much hay left, but we let her eat, and then I did a round of pepto, she then let her be. I was able to watch her from the house. She was in the goat house, and in the feeding area and back and fourth.

I went out after my dinner and did another round of pepto. And called it a day. I will check on her about midnight through. I am weaning the pepto. So four doses yesterday, three today, two tomorrow. The last thing I need is bloat after her not eating. Slow and steady.

But she is outside and doing great. But keeping my eyes on her.

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