Monday, March 14, 2011

Goat Hospital-Bella

Well went out this morning to check on the goats and feed them. I had 14 goats screaming for food, but realized we were missing someone. Who was missing? I went hunting but didn't have to go far to find Bella down in the goat house. Now this goat you can not get close to her, you look at her and she runs the other way. I have given up long ago that I would be her friend.

Well there she was down. And so there is was, she needed me, SHE NEEDED ME! I call for hubby before making my move, just in case. I cover one door he stands guard at the other and I go in. She could not move. So I was able to scoop her up and bring her into the house. I quickly got the Goat Hospital (Laundry Room) ready and put her in it. Gave her some time to calm down and then I attacked, WHAT IS WRONG!

First her feet, she would not stand so did she hurt her foot? Was a hoof bugging her? We got out the hoof clippers and went to town on her hoofs. They were bad, so it could easily be the reason she was not standing. But wait she has a fever now of 105 and not eating. No signs of being sick at all. So what is a goat mom to do? Sit and wait! And Worry!

So thinking and watching her, um. Gave her time to just sit and have quiet, took the temp again and it's down to 103. I had gone to the feed store on the way to get the the boys from school, today. I got a new collar for Bella, she really needed a new one, and since she was cornered, it was a perfect time. I found some proboctic cream type stuff, you are able to put it down her, verses powder in the grain she is not eating. Then realized she is burping. Hum, maybe yesterday well she was out getting into trouble, she may have ate something, that didn't agree with her? So enters Pepto. After the second dose, someone was perky. Although still not eating. So she will stay in the goat hospital over night and see how she is in the morning.

Although the hoof trimming did wonders as she is standing straight up and walking around. If I can't get her to eat soon, I will have to do a baking soda mix and get it down her. Although if I can get her to eat something, she can go back outside, if her temp stays down.

This is Bella doing better. Hope she keeps it up. I want to kick her outside soon! And, yes, only one horn, one is down, someone loves to head butt.

Bella is Trooper's Birth Mom.

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