Monday, November 29, 2010

OMG To Die For Fries

Kind of an oops tonight in making dinner and I honestly thought I had died and gone to heaven. So I got a new Jamie Oliver cookbook and he had a recipe in there, where you cut up potatoes really finely and fry them up. I was suppose to add like lemon peel or something but I didn't have it so skipped it, and really looking at things I did not cut up the potatoes so finely.

But any who. I cut them up as finely as I would say McDonald's fries. As I cut I put them into a bowl of ice cold water well the oil was warming up. I cooked these in my cast iron dutch oven. Man I love that pan, how did I ever live without it?

So once the temp hit 350 I started frying, I took a handful of potatoes out of the ice water and dried them the best I could and put them in the oil. It was Canola Oil tonight. I let them fry until they were golden brown. The first batch took forever, but every batch after that took 8-10 minutes.

I have never been able to make fries like this. Honestly they tasted like McDonald's french fries. Do you know how long it has been since I have had McDonald's fries?



emaegf said...

"Do you know how long it has been since I have had McDonald's fries?"

Since dinner this evening?

Marcie said...

I can not believe how good they were. I can not wait to make them again, and again, and again.