Sunday, April 5, 2009

Is This My Child?

So for this past week we have been noticing how well Ethan has been doing. No time outs, I have not had to yell, nothing! We took Ethan off of Supplements for the week to give us all a break and kinda by oopsy I realized he has been corn free all week long?

So I'm thinking x*%$ and *^)* and %@#& he does better corn free. Well Fudge-o-la do I sound thrilled NO. So here is what will have to be happening. (I think) all corn gone, which isn't really hard as I have been moving that way anyway. Organic corn in small doses looks to be good for him right now? I guess we wait and see?

But the difference has been amazing. No attitude what so ever, so nice to brothers. Listening a lot better. Just a whole different kid. So here is hoping it can only get better from here? I'll tell ya it has been a very nice week to be around him. It has not been like this in a long time.

Although the OCD cleaning, OH Boy! it has gone down if you all have heard me complain. Now he asks maybe once a day what can I clean?

I'm hoping this is his final diet change? Please God let this be the final diet change!


For the Love Of My Bugs! said...

Very awesome!!! So happy for you guys!!!! Love the pic...too cute!!!

tiffrutherf said...

I never though about taking corn he Gf/cf also?

Chrissy said...

I'm so happy for you. Progress is a wonderful thing!

Marcie said...

Yes, he is gluten, dairy, soy, crap and now corn free. Joy for us.