Thursday, December 11, 2008

Surprise Surgery

Well it was almost like my husband woke up and said Hey I think I will go and have surgery today? But that is kinda like how it happened.

See he has a Hernia, he has had it for awhile. It has been bugging him more and more and getting worse and worse. Well this week he has had a tough week. So he went into the doctor today who told him not only the hernia but there is a blockage and he will need surgery.

So we head over to the surgery place to get everything all set up. And it takes so long that they just can not fit him in. So we go into surgery on Friday. It is nothing too serious. But really I am tired of all the surgeries and medical stuff we are going through. I sit here and wonder when it all all ever stop?

So hopefully I will have time to update tomorrow. Who knows these days?

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