Wednesday, December 10, 2008

So I Finally Made Buns!!!!

Ok so it has been awhile since I last posted. I have been crazy busy. My monkeys are running wild and keep me very busy. Between work and kids and Christmas and do not get me started on that husband of mine. There are not enough hours in the day!

Well anywho, I MaDE BUNS!!! Well kinda. So Stephanie and hubby kicked me in the butt and I was forced into the kitchen to make buns. My husband has decided to go gluten free. NOW! Not next week and give me time but NOW! So I had to make buns. My husband is not really thrilled with them. So I think it will take some work. This recipe belongs to her stuff is amazing!!! Well I will try it again. But we did two batches of bread and make everything from buns to rolls to hot dog buns (you won't see that photo). So I will try again the next time I have a spare second.


Carrie said...

what recipe did you use for the buns marcie? they look great!! Did you use the sandwich bread recipe? I'm confused! (Which doesn't take much! lolol)

Marcie said...

I used your sandwich bread yes.

Hubby says it makes better bread then buns. Although my son loves when I make rolls with it.

Lisa said...

How did you get it in such even circles?

Marcie said...

I found 4 inch circle cookie cutters. We also found 3 1/2 inch english muffin circles. We have a special kitchen store here. I know you can find them on-line or ebay. got to love ebay!