Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snow Everywhere

So we are snowed in. In more ways than one. This storm started Wednesday and it snowed through Friday dumping about 12 inches total down here. There was just snow everywhere. With so much snow we were not going any where. You hear about so many accidents why take a chance. We finally got out Saturday for a minute, as we had to hit a store. Since last Tuesday we went grocery shopping but didn't go right home so I put the meat in the fridge at work and forgot about the meat as I was heading home. So for dinners we have had to be creative. Since we have been snowed in since Wednesday.

Also on last Tuesday it was so cold out when I went to feed the animals. I feed the goats and noticed one didn't come to the hay. So I went looking for her in her pen. There she was shaking so bad from the cold, I just had to bring her in. So it snows well she is in the house. I finally put her out on Friday and she is doing well so I make her sleep outside. So I was out on Saturday feeding the animals and here comes Luna walking behind me, she follows me right into the house and walks into the laundry room and makes camp. So we have one spoiled goat. Now if I can just teach her how to do laundry I would be all set?

So here are a few photos of my boys having fun. Yes, boys.

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