Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Catching Up

Seems like all I ever do is catch up here.
So went to the chicks sale, saved and saved for it, and then again I couldn't find what I wanted. So came home and used scrap wood and made what I wanted. A really, really big bird house. It's over 5 foot tall. With three separate houses. We may go in and add a few more holes. and floors. 

Remember this drama? two computers dead. so googled because I thunk about a computer place to take them. But found another guy. Called and took in two computers. Within days, kid ya not, he took two very dead computers, put in new hard drives and they are up and going. In utter shock. I was for sure I was going to have to bury them. I now have a computer guy. So excited. It was the fourth of the price that Staples wanted just to fix one. 

I have a recipe for chocolate ice cream coming....It's Cole approved. 

Catching up, basically life is beyond nuts. And really it won't be slowing down any time soon. This weekend it's full on planting, my tomatoes are begging to come out of the green house. Some even have flowers on them.
Been working on the current neighbors project. Tomorrow we are installing the last bed (twin beds for the grandkids). And then we move on to a living room shelving project. so in spare hours we are working next door. When we are not next door we are mucking the goats, or hauling dirt. There is weeding and watering to do.
School is winding down for us. Tucker is done with math. Cole is now pushing through to get math done, hopefully over the weekend. Both Tucker and Cole will be doing math facts over the summer. But they can do that on the kindle. Ethan has full on summer school. We are debating other summer projects. Hoping to be done with history next week.
Lots going on, lots coming up. I fall into bed every night so very tired. I feel scattered as so much is going on. I work hard every day to pick a project and finish it through. So it feels like things are getting done, there is just so much to get done. 

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