Tuesday, March 1, 2016

My Baby

My baby turned 9....My youngest is a whopping nine years old. What the freaking hell? Where did my snuggly 3 year old go?

So my baby has been giving some freedoms and he is ever so excited. He no longer has to ask for snacks. He just has to live by the rules. Nothing after 7:40pm and nothing after 3:30 pm. This child plays by the rules. he asks for every single snack, he has seen his brothers in trouble for eating after certain times. This child never ever wants to be in trouble. Today he got to use a knife. a dinner knife that is, I'm trying a chocolate recipe and you need a knife to get it out of the mold.
Well I'm teaching the kid to fish, so as we go through the year he will be given more freedoms. He is a great kid, does school work no problem. Because he never whines or complains and just does, he might be done in March. Although I will probably push it out a bit. Or finish him up and do some art stuff with him, he is a drawer. I would like to get him going on that.
Ever so sad....Long gone are the diapers and late nights, here are the early mornings and Lego's. Sigh

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